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Strings refer to a Pakistani Pop Rock Band. They were there when the new wave of Pakistani Pop was breaking on the local media beachhead, post-Nazia and Zoheb, post-Alamgir and post-Muhammad Ali Shehki. They were there when music videos, in their most primitive form, started creating a commotion in the local music industry, changing the way music was listened to forever. They were there scoring hits, playing shows and signing autographs, fully enjoying the lifestyle of post-'80s pop stars. Then, it seems, they disappeared from the face of the pop universe. After a lengthy gap, they returned with one of the biggest records Pakistan has heard in the last ten years, almost erasing from memory the period of hibernation with a string of jangly, synthesized hits and snappy videos. They are, Bilal Maqsood (Urdu: بلال مقصود)and Faisal Kapadia (Urdu: فیصل کپاڈیا). Strings started with four college students (Bilal, Faisal, and two friends) in 1990, when they came out with their album "Strings". After "Strings 2" in 1992, the band was dismembered. Eight years later, Bilal and Faisal reformed Strings, coming out with their album "Duur" and then "Dhaani". In 2005, Strings won MTV Asia's best artist award and sang "Zinda Hoon" for the Indian movie "Zinda". Ironically they were nominated as an Indian band.

Not only that...their song "Na Jane Kyon" was one of the OSTs for the hollywood flick "SpiderMan 2".

More recently, they have also worked on a song for the Bollywood movie "Shootout At Lokhandwala" called "Aakhri Alvida".

In 2008, Strings released "Koi Aanay Waala Hai", the second album since their comeback album, "Duur".

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