Sonic Youth Tabs


Alto Sax, Percussion, Fingered Bass, Distortion Guitar, Overdrive Guitar

Bull In The Heather

Distortion Guitar, Percussion, Soprano Sax, Overdrive Guitar, Picked Bass

Chapel Hill

Overdrive Guitar, Distortion Guitar

Dirty Boots

Percussion, Overdrive Guitar, Clarinet, Fingered Bass

Kool Think

Percussion, Distortion Guitar, Picked Bass, Overdrive Guitar

Mildred Pierce

Distortion Guitar, Percussion, Overdrive Guitar, Picked Bass

Queen Bee and Her Pals

Picked Bass, Distortion Guitar, Overdrive Guitar, Percussion

Sugar Kane

Picked Bass, Distortion Guitar, Overdrive Guitar


Syn Saw Wave, Fingered Bass, Percussion, Overdrive Guitar, Distortion Guitar


Steel String Guitar, Piano, Nylon String Guitar, Fingered Bass, Percussion

Teenage Riot

Overdrive Guitar, Jazz Electric Gtr, Percussion

The Diamond Sea

Steel String Guitar, Choir Aahs, Fingered Bass, Overdrive Guitar, Percussion

Theresa's Sound World

Jazz Electric Gtr, Picked Bass

Titanium Expose

Overdrive Guitar, Picked Bass, Percussion

Washing Machine

Distortion Guitar, Jazz Electric Gtr, Picked Bass, Overdrive Guitar