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There is currently more than one artist with the name Smak.

Smak (Finland) - Formed 2001
Smak (Yugoslavia) - Formed 1971

1. Smak (pronounced 'smak') is a rock group from Helsinki, Finland, who performs their songs in Finnish, but have said they might do English material in the future.

The group was formed in December 2001, and their debut album Sic Transit was released December 10th, 2004. The singles off that album, Myrsky, Hallanvaara and Nousen have been played alot on Finnish radio stations. The group also put out a music DVD called "...Gloria Mundi" in October, 2005.

5th April, 2006 Smak put out a new single "Teen mitä teen", which climbed to the Finnish single chart's number one almost instantly. Smak also performs YleX's (Finnish radiostation) summer's 2006 "Kesäkumibiisin" , called Antaa Palaa Vaan.

Their sophomore album, "Elohopeaa", was released September 29th, 2006.

The group is young, all of them except Markku have been born in 1989, Markku being the youngest, born in 1990. The singer, Kalle also works as an actor. Right now you can see him in the Finnish drama series "Kotikatu". Kalle also sings on the Christian youth song complication album "Tilkkutäkki", on which he sings the title song.
2.Smak was a Serbian rock band from Kragujevac in the present Republic of Serbia. It was formed in 1971 by guitar virtuoso Radomir Mihajlović, nicknamed "Točak" (the Wheel). The first stable line-up was in late 1974 consisting of Radomir Mihailović - Točak (guitar), Slobodan Stojanović Kepa (drums), Zoran Milanović (bass), Boris Arandjelović (vocals) and Laza Ristovski (keyboards). They released 3 SP during '74-'75 on which their hit single Ulazak u Harem (Enter to Harem) appeared. They also warmed up for Deep Purple on a concert in Belgrade '75. After a successful hit single and an excellent concert with Deep Purple, they released there first LP called Smak in 1975. This was one of the most selling albums of all time in ex Yugoslavia.

At the beginning of the next year 1976. they released MLP (mini long play) Satelit which featured their hit song 'Satelit'(Satellite) and one of the band's best instrumental 'Biska 2', blues song 'Šumadijski Blues', and the song called 'Put od Balona-Biska 20' which was used as an instrumental solos song. In this period they made a short movie called Smak in New York, which featured their little tour in USA as a promotion of MLP Satelit. Točak released his first solo album R.M.Točak, and it became best selling album in Yugoslavia in year 1976. Their next single was out at the end of '76 Ljudi nije fer/El Dumo.

During 1977.-78. Ristovski was replaced by first Miki Petkovski, which played on LP Crna dama 1977. one of the best selling albums in Yugoslavia, and then by Tibor Levay on keyboards, with him they made LPs Stranice našeg vremena 1978. and English versions of these two albums Black Lady and The Pages of our time 1978. ,while in the period 1979.-81. Dado Topić (ex-Time,ex-Korni Grupa) collaborated with Smak as producer and occasional guest vocalist on single Na Balkanu before the band broke-up in late 1981.

In 1980, shortly before split, they made LP Rock cirkus which was destined to be one of the most selling albums but because of yugoslavian president's death it had not gotten much popularity. After that, they made 3 farewell concerts in capital of Serbia, Belgrade attended by more than 10000 fans.

The original line-up gathered again in 1984. and with Dado Topić made LP Zasto ne volim sneg, which was dedicated to Točak’s dead brother, after that they had split again. In 1986. with a new keyboardist Milan Djurdjević they came back and made LP Smak 86, but after that split again. The forth comeback of SMAK happened in 1992. with Ristovski again as a member, when they mostly played concerts in Serbia and issued a live album odLIVEno1992. featuring the best Serbian harmonic player Pera Joe. In '92 and '93 Točak was promoting his second solo album and a soundtrack for the movie Byzantine Blue 1993., which won a prize for the best soundtrack Christal Prisma awards.

Finally, in 1994 SMAK re-appeared again, this time along with Točak and Stojanović they added younger musicians: Dejan Stojanović Kepa Jr. (second drum kit), Dejan Najdanović Najda (vocals), Vlada Samardzić (bass) and Milan Milosavljević Mikica (guitar). Smak released album Bioskop Fox(Cinema Fox). After 4 year period Vlada Samardzić (bass) left SMAK and went to Bearkley music collage, replaced by Sale Marković. With Sale they made albums Live without audience1998, Egregor1999, Live 3.mart.2000. Kragujevac klub 'La Cinema' 2000.

SMAK was celebrated for Točak's virtuosity in guitar playing, modelled on Jimi Hendrix's and Jimmy Page's style, and for interesting and powerful, if not always successful, fusion of hard rock and jazz, prog rock, jazz rock with strong blues backing, with Arandjelovic's falsetto vocal often used as an instrument rather than singing. "Ulazak u harem", a folk-inspired instrumental issued as hit-single in 1975, showcased Točak as one of the guitar-heroes and legend of ex-Yugoslavian music scene of the 1970s, while albums "Crna dama" ("Black Lady") 1977. and "Stranice našeg vremena" ("The Pages of Our Time") 1978. were highly celebrated among prog fans and were even released in English versions for the Western market. Their reunion, from the second half of 1980’s onward, turned the musical direction of the band into less-inspired mainstream hard rock, abandoning any prog elements, but after re-appearing in 1994. SMAK turned back the musical direction back to hard rock, fussion jazz with prog elements. As a comparison, one can mention similarities in style with artists such as Led Zeppelin,Deep Purple, Taste, The Doobie Brothers, Santana, Leb i Sol.

SMAK discography
1975 Živim...Biska 13-Biska 16 Singles
1975 Ulazak u Harem-Sto ptica Singles
1975 Ulazak u Harem-Epitaf Singles
1975 Smak Studio Album
1976 Satelit Singles/EPs/Fan Club/Promo
1976 Ljudi nije fer-El Dumo Singles
1977 Crna dama Studio Album
1977 Ulazak u Harem, Plava pesma - The best of Boxset / Compilation
1978 Nevidljive Terazije-Hitopadeza Singles
1978 Stranice našeg vremena Studio Album
1978 Black Lady Studio Album
1978 Dab In The Middle Studio Album
1979 Na Balkanu Singles
1980 Rock cirkus Studio Album
1981 Zašto ne volim sneg Studio Album
1986 Smak '86 Studio Album
1992 odLIVEno Live
1995 Bioskop Fox Studio Album
1996 The Best Of Smak Boxset / Compilation
1996 Star? Mlad. Večan?* Boxset / Compilation
1997 Live Without Audience Live
1999 Egregor Studio Album
2001 Istorija Boxset / Compilation
2002 3. Mart 2000. Kragujevac Klub La Cinema Live

and many unofficial Live albums (Live 1992,Live in Zupa '98...), many unrealsed songs (Biska, Na Drinu, StaKapKara, Kepo, Novi Novi Dan, Swap, Egregor...) on some of them apearred bassist Lola Andrijic, which played a couple of concerts in 1974. with Smak.

3. A jungle DJ. (Jungle Tekno 8)

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