Queensryche Tabs

Anarchy X

Distortion Guitar, Percussion, Ensemble Strings, Piano

Another Rainy Night (Without You)

Muted Guitar, Distortion Guitar, Syn Square Wave, Steel String Guitar

Another Rainy Night (Without You) (2)

Overdrive Guitar, Percussion, Fingered Bass

Anybody Listening

Clean Guitar, Distortion Guitar, Steel String Guitar

Anybody Listening (2)

Steel String Guitar, Percussion, Choir Aahs, Nylon String Guitar, Distortion Guitar, Fretless Bass

Best I Can

Fretless Bass, Distortion Guitar, Percussion, Syn Voice, Fantasia

Breaking The Silence

Fingered Bass, Distortion Guitar, Percussion, Syn Saw Wave


Picked Bass, Clean Guitar, Percussion, Steel String Guitar


Distortion Guitar, Fingered Bass, Percussion

Empire (2)

Syn Saw Wave, Slap Bass 2, Distortion Guitar, Percussion, Overdrive Guitar

Eyes Of A Stranger

Percussion, Ensemble Strings, Distortion Guitar, Steel String Guitar, Piano, Syn Brass and Lead, Muted Guitar

I am I

Distortion Guitar, Clean Guitar, Fretless Bass

I Don't Belive in Love

Choir Aahs, Nylon String Guitar, Overdrive Guitar, Fingered Bass, Brass Ensemble, Percussion, Steel String Guitar

I Will Remember

Nylon String Guitar, Steel String Guitar, Overdrive Guitar, Jazz Electric Gtr

I Will Remember (2)

Acoustic Bass, Steel String Guitar