Pure Prairie League

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Pure Prairie League is a seminal American country rock band, the roots of which can be found 1964-1969 in Waverly, Ohio with Craig Fuller, Tom McGrail, Jim Caughlan, and John David Call. Vince Gill would eventually replace Fuller as lead vocalist before moving on to a successful solo career.

Although the band has its roots in Waverly, it was actually formed in Columbus, Ohio (sixty miles north of Waverly), and had it first success in Cincinnati. The original stage band was Fuller, McGrail, Powell, Phil Stokes on bass, and Robin Suskind on guitar and mandola. His steel guitar greatly improved the country songs and sparked hot guitar duels with Fuller that contributed greatly to the rock/country, signature sound of the band.
PPL’s biggest hits include Fuller’s country rock classic, "Amie", “Two Lane Highway”, and the musically less-representative pop song, "Let Me Love You Tonight", composed by Jeff Wilson, Dan Greer and Steve Woodard. Vince Gill sang and played guitar with the band in the early 1980s and recorded an updated version of "Amie" for their greatest hits album, moved on to become one of Nashville’s biggest stars. A fourteenth album was released in 2006, composed primarily of Craig Fuller songs, as was the very first back in 1971.

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