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Powderfinger are one of the most successful Australian rock bands of the past decade. Formed in 1989 in Brisbane, Australia, the band has managed to keep the same lineup since they hit the big time, Bernard Fanning (Vocals, guitars), Darren Middleton (guitars), Ian Haug (guitars), John Collins (Bass) and Jon Coghill (drums). Powderfinger are winners of nearly every major award in Australia – including the ARIA (Australian Record Industry Awards) for Album of the Year, Best Rock Album and Song of the Year.

Their musical style would simply fall into the Rock catagory, guitar driven rock featuring radio friendly hooks and enigmatic vocals. The band has featured prominently in Australian premier youth station, Triple J, winning the most popular song of the year on a number of occasions.

The band has released six studio albums and a "best of" collection, despite being a still functioning band, having released their most recent album "Dream Days at the Hotel Existence" in 2007. They are set to release another album in 2009. Despite their overwhelming popularity in native country Australia, Powderfinger have yet to take the world by storm. Frequent tours across Australia are sold out rapidly and live shows do not disappoint the large number of fans who share the passions of a passionate group.

They toured with Silverchair on the "Across the Great Divide" Concert, from August to October 2007, raising awareness for the indigenous people of Australia.

Their official website is www.powderfinger.net.

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