Poison Tabs

Baby Been Around a Bit

Overdrive Guitar

Ball and Chain

Distortion Guitar, Overdrive Guitar, Steel String Guitar

Come Hell or High Water

Overdrive Guitar, Distortion Guitar

Cry Tough

Picked Bass, Distortion Guitar, Percussion, Ensemble Strings, Clean Guitar

Doin As I See on My TV

Distortion Guitar

Don't Give Up An Inch

Distortion Guitar, Overdrive Guitar

Every Rose Has its Thorn

Clean Guitar, Steel String Guitar, Nylon String Guitar, Overdrive Guitar

Every Rose Has Its Thorn (2)

Synth Strings 1, Distortion Guitar, Fingered Bass, Clean Guitar, Percussion, Steel String Guitar

Every Rose Has Its Thorn (3)

Percussion, Steel String Guitar, Clean Guitar, Trumpet, Fingered Bass, Overdrive Guitar

Fallen Angel

Distortion Guitar, Percussion, Picked Bass

Flesh and Blood (Sacrifice)

Distortion Guitar, Overdrive Guitar

I Won't Forget You

Overdrive Guitar, Ensemble Strings, Picked Bass, Steel String Guitar, Percussion, Clean Guitar

Let It Play

Overdrive Guitar

Life Goes On

Percussion, Overdrive Guitar, Fingered Bass, Distortion Guitar

Life Loves A Tragedy

Overdrive Guitar, Clean Guitar, Distortion Guitar