Phoenix Tabs

A Trip Into Elysium (instr.)

Fingered Bass, Ensemble Strings, Steel String Guitar, Distortion Guitar, Percussion, Electric Grand

Blind Suffering

Distortion Guitar, Harpsichord, Fingered Bass, Ensemble Strings, Percussion, Choir Aahs

Freedom Call

Percussion, Distortion Guitar, Brightness, Syn Square Wave, Church Organ, Choir Aahs, Ensemble Strings, Fingered Bass, Harpsichord, Warm Pad

Requiem In C#m, Op.4

Ensemble Strings, Steel String Guitar, Seashore, Fingered Bass

Time Of The Prophecies

Distortion Guitar, Electric Grand, Ensemble Strings, Choir Aahs, Percussion, Harpsichord, Syn Square Wave, Overdrive Guitar, Atmosphere, Brightness, Fingered Bass