Natacha Atlas

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Natacha Atlas (born March 20, 1964) is a singer born in Belgium. She is known for her fusion of arabic and north african music. She once termed her music "cha'abi moderne" (i.e., an updated form of egyptian pop music). It also includes many influences from styles like hip hop, drum and bass, lounge, and reggae.

She became the lead singer and belly dancer of Transglobal Underground who fused trance, world, and trip hop.

Discography :

* Diaspora (1995)
* Halim (1997)
* Gedida (1999)
* Ayeshteni (2001)
* Foretold in the Language of Dreams (2002) - Natacha Atlas / Marc Eagleton Project
* Something Dangerous (2003)
* The Best of Natacha Atlas (2005)
* DVD Natacha Atlas - TGU (2005) - All her videoclips, some live tracks and an interview
* Mish Maoul (2006)
* Ana Hina (2008)

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