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Manimal refers to different bands :

1) Manimal is a metal band from Toulouse, France. Its members come from French bands Psykup (singer Julien Cassarino aka Ju, drummer Brice Sansonetto, guitar player David Castel aka Vidda ), Leiden (guitar player Ludovic aka Luddo), and Sailenth (bass player Fabrice).
The band defines itself as "Faith No More mixed up with Cannibal Corpse", and uses the tag "open death" to refer to their own music (more exhuberant and progressive than classical death metal).

Manimal was formed in June 2003, and shortly after recorded its first demo (available for free at With these first tracks at the heart of their 2004 debut album, "Eros & Thanatos", the band received good critics from the French metal community. Manimal then started its first national tour, and wrote their second album "Succube" which eventually came out fall 2005.

Both albums were recorded at the "Les Milans" Studio, in Bordeaux, which is also the studio that uses French death metal - and critically acclaimed band - Gojira.

Gojira mainman Joe Duplantier is featured on 'Dead Meat', a title from "Eros & Thanatos".
On the second album "Succube", each track bears a movie title. Manimal thus unveils its broadly movie-oriented inspiration.

Julien Cassarino's sister, Elodie Cassarino also lays some vocals for Manimal.

Eros & Thanatos (2004)
Succube (2005)

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2) Manimal is also a Rap band from France.

3) There is also a Swedish metal band called Manimal.
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