Limp Bizkit Tabs

9 Tenn 90 Nine

Fingered Bass, Overdrive Guitar, Percussion, Distortion Guitar

Almost Over

Fingered Bass, Overdrive Guitar, Syn Choir, Percussion, Clarinet, Distortion Guitar

Almost Over (2)

Muted Guitar, Percussion, Fingered Bass

Back O Da Bus

Percussion, Clean Guitar, Fingered Bass

Behind Blue Eyes

Syn Brass and Lead, Distortion Guitar, Cello, Ensemble Strings, Percussion, Steel String Guitar, Choir Aahs

Behind Blue Eyes (2)

Steel String Guitar, Syn Saw Wave, Syn Brass and Lead, Synth Strings 1, Percussion

Behind Blue Eyes (3)

Synth Strings 1, Steel String Guitar, Percussion, Overdrive Guitar, Syn Brass and Lead, Contrabass, Syn Saw Wave


Distortion Guitar, Fingered Bass


Fingered Bass, Distortion Guitar, Percussion, Clean Guitar

Boiler (2)

Percussion, Clean Guitar, Fingered Bass, Distortion Guitar

Break Stuff

Guitar Fret Noise, Distortion Guitar, Percussion, Fingered Bass

Break Stuff (2)

Distortion Guitar, Fingered Bass, Percussion

Break Stuff (3)

Percussion, Distortion Guitar, Overdrive Guitar

Build A Bridge

Syn Choir, Percussion, Piano, Steel String Guitar, Ensemble Strings, Fingered Bass, Muted Guitar

Build A Bridge (2)

Percussion, Syn Choir, Clean Guitar, Ensemble Strings, Fingered Bass, Piano