Leaf Hound

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One of most inspiring and influential bands on the heavy-acid-retro scene today. Recently Unida covered "Stray" from "Growers of Mushroom" their one and only album a masterpiece that was released in 1971 on Decca - after what I've heard Decca signed them after a showcase gig with UFO.

Leafhound came from the UK -line up: Michael Halls (guitar), Derek Brooks (guitar), Stuart Brooks (bass), Keith George Young (drums), and one of the greatest singers of this time period, Peter French, known for his work in Atomic Rooster and Cactus among others.

The Brooks brothers came from Black Cat Bones, a band that was playing the Brittsh blues circuit in the late 60s and made one record called Barbed Wire Sandwich -released on Decca records in England and P.I.P in the United States, a great album.

With the release of Growers -one of the most devastating and stunning records of the 70ies , Leafhound started to play shows on the British club circuit before they went down to Germany where they became a popular band like most bands of this period. Leafhounds epic debut is also released on Telefunken in Germany shortly after the Decca release. The German pressing of the album had a different cover -it has the band members painted on the cover along with a big-size poster of the band.

The German release also included a bonustrack that wasn't on the Decca-issue. Leafhounds career was shortlived, it has something to do with Peter French, I think. When he left, the rest of the band couldn't find a replacement, and Leafhound fell apart, I dont know what happened with the other members cause there is no info at all on that. French was the most active member after Leafhound fell apart -after his work in Atomic Rooster and Cactus he continued working on various projects -he did an album for Randy Pie and made a solo album that came out in 1978.

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