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KLB is a Brazilian pop group composed for three brothers from São Paulo, Brazil: Kiko (Franco Finato Scornavacca (born April 18, 1979), Leandro Finato Scornavacca (born July 22, 1981) and Bruno Finato Scornavacca (born April 28, 1984).

The brothers began their career in 1996, with a group named "The Fenders" and was composed by the three brothers and the pop singers Wanessa Camargo and Camila, who left the group.

KLB started in 2000 when for the first time, the brothers Kiko, Leandro and Bruno, performed at Anhembi, São Paulo, in an award, contemplating their father Franco Scornavacca, who was receiving the "Best Brazilian Manager of the 90s. Their first single A Dor Desse Amor charted #1 in Brazil

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