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There are at least three artists with the name Jude:

An American singer/songwriter
A Japanese garage-rock band
A Polish industrial act

ⅰ Jude (born Michael Jude Christodal in Massachusetts), is an American singer and songwriter. His music ranges from acoustic to pop, featuring catchy tunes and memorable vocals. Jude enjoyed radio play on select stations throughout the US, featuring two tracks from No One Is Really Beautiful, I'm Sorry Now and Rick James. Jude also composed the song “You All Everybody” that has been featured on the American television show Lost. HIs song "I Know" was featured on the soundtrack for the film, City of Angels. Many songs of his have been featured on television and in commercials. His most recent albums have been for Naive records, a French label.
Official website: Jude Music

ⅱ JUDE is the name of a Japanese band that ASAI Ken'ichi (浅井健一, also in Sherbet, SHERBETS, AJICO, BLANKEY JET CITY) formed in March 2002, with bassist WATANABE Keiichi (渡辺圭一, also in Heatwave), later joined by drummer IKEHATA Junji (池畑潤二, also in The Roosters, Zero Specter, Heatwave), after having played with 池畑潤二 of ルースターズ and 椎野恭一 of AJICO.
Official website: Sexy Stones Records

ⅲ Jude is also the name of a Polish industrial/punk band from Lodz, created in 1993.

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