Journey Tabs

Any Way You Want It

Flute, Distortion Guitar, Electric Piano 2, Percussion, Fingered Bass

Be Good To Yourself

Fingered Bass, Flute, Distortion Guitar, Syn Square Wave, Percussion, Jazz Electric Gtr

Don't Stop Believin'

Distortion Guitar, Picked Bass, Piano, Percussion, Piccolo


Overdrive Guitar, Flute, Picked Bass, Percussion, Bright Piano, Slow Strings, Syn Brass 2, Piano

Feeling That Way

Bright Piano, Syn Square Wave, Slap Bass 1, Distortion Guitar, Syn Saw Wave, Percussion, Choir Aahs


Percussion, Syn Saw Wave, Overdrive Guitar, Piano, Fingered Bass, Flute

lights (2)

Syn Saw Wave, Piano, Overdrive Guitar, Steel String Guitar, Percussion, Syn Square Wave

Lights (3)

Overdrive Guitar, Distortion Guitar, Percussion, Syn Choir, Fingered Bass

Lovin', Touchin', Squeezin'

Shakuhachi, Bright Piano, Syn Square Wave, Overdrive Guitar, Distortion Guitar, Fingered Bass, Percussion

Only The Young

Distortion Guitar, Tenor Sax, Percussion, Overdrive Guitar, Syn Saw Wave, Pan Flute, Steel String Guitar, Recorder, Synth Strings 2, Picked Bass

Open Arms

Nylon String Guitar

Open Arms (2)

Bright Piano, Tenor Sax, Overdrive Guitar, Nylon String Guitar, Percussion

Seperate Ways

Syn Saw Wave, Syn Square Wave, Distortion Guitar, Whistle, Steel String Guitar, Percussion

Stone In Love

Overdrive Guitar, Clean Guitar

Stone In Love (2)

Percussion, Overdrive Guitar, Syn Choir, Distortion Guitar, Fingered Bass