Ibrahim Tatlises

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İbrahim Tatlıses (born 1 January 1952), affectionately known as Ibo is a pop / folk / arabesque singer in Turkey. In addition to hosting his own TV program The Ibo Show on different private television stations and appearing in several dozen films, Tatlises has been one of Turkey's most prolific recording artists. His twenty-three albums include Ayağında Kundura, which broke all sales records in Turkey in 1978, and Selam Olsun, which focused on traditional folk music played on indigenous instruments. Born İbrahim Tatlı in Urfa to a homeless family, Tatlıses was raised by his Kurdish mother, following his Arab father's death in 1956. Music provided an outlet for emotional stress. He began singing at weddings and other celebrations while still in his teens. Although he released a cassette in 1975, it failed to sell, and Tatlises temporarily left music. Moving to Istanbul with his family in 1977, Tatlises worked as a salesman until recording his second cassette, Ayağında Kundura. The cassette's success proved to be the launching pad for Tatlises' still-thriving career. A major star during the mid- to late-1980s, he recorded numerous folk dance hits with the accompaniment of an orchestra, and was recognized as a master of the rural "uzun hava" style (marked by lengthy, semi-improvised tunes). Source: www.wikipedia.org

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