Fun Lovin Criminals Tabs

Come Find Yourself

Trombone, Jazz Electric Gtr, Acoustic Bass, Nylon String Guitar, Percussion

Fun Lovin Criminal

Brass Ensemble, Percussion, Steel String Guitar, Harmonica, Overdrive Guitar, Fingered Bass

Girl With A Scar

Ensemble Strings, Orchestral Harp, Percussion, Nylon String Guitar, Trumpet, Seashore, Jazz Electric Gtr, Steel String Guitar, Acoustic Bass

Got Our Love

Brass Ensemble, Fingered Bass, Piano, Alto Sax, Percussion, Jazz Electric Gtr, Tremolo Strings, Electric Piano 1, Bowed Glass

I Can't Get With That

Bright Piano, Jazz Electric Gtr, Percussion, Electric Piano 1, Steel String Guitar, Acoustic Bass, Brass Ensemble


Percussion, Choir Aahs, Bright Piano, Atmosphere, Acoustic Bass, Overdrive Guitar, Polysynth, Tremolo Strings, Syn Charang

Passive, Aggressive

Electric Piano 1, Harpsichord, Brass Ensemble, Acoustic Bass, Steel String Guitar, Percussion

Scooby Snacks

Syn Choir, Distortion Guitar, Fingered Bass, Clean Guitar, Percussion

Smoke 'Em

Trombone, Steel String Guitar, Vibraphone, Percussion, Nylon String Guitar, Tremolo Strings, Acoustic Bass

That Ain't Right

Brass Ensemble, Distortion Guitar, Fretless Bass, Trumpet, Overdrive Guitar, Percussion

There Was A Time

Acoustic Bass, Electric Piano 1, Percussion, Nylon String Guitar, Jazz Electric Gtr

We Are All Very Worry About You

Piccolo, Percussion, Electric Piano 1, Trombone, Jazz Electric Gtr, Acoustic Bass

Where Do I Begin (Ballad Of NYC)

Slow Strings, Percussion, Bright Piano, Whistle, Ensemble Strings, Piano, Acoustic Bass

Will I Be Ready

Muted Guitar, Acoustic Bass, Ensemble Strings, Brass Ensemble, Percussion, Jazz Electric Gtr, Sweep Pad, Syn Brass 1, Electric Piano 1