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'Frank' can refer to two bands or one blogger:

1) A UK girlgroup formed in 2004. They like the 'Monkees' and 'S Club 7' before them, were stars of their own TV show called 'Totally Frank'. Series 2 was aired in the UK on Channel 4 & E4 in Summer 2006.

The group shared the same producers as 'Girls Aloud'. 'Frank' co-wrote their debut album 'Devil's Got Your Gold' (released in the UK on August 7th 2006) and also played all their own instruments. Their debut single 'I'm Not Shy' debuted at number 40 in the UK.

After poor single & album sales the girls parted company with their record label in late August and on 11th September 2006 they announced they had split up.

2) A Finnish rock band from Kajaani Members:Janne Korva (vocals, guitar), Markus Väisänen (guitar), Arto Hämäläinen (guitar), Teemu Aho (bass), Sami Kämäräinen (drums)

3) The nom-de-blog of a "crate-digger" in Guinea who posts mixes of his findings, including afrobeat, hi-life, and African jazz.

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