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There are now three bands known as Failure.

(1) Failure was an influential american rock band (often also classified as alternative rock and/or space rock) that was active from 1990 to 1997, during which they recorded and released three critically-acclaimed albums. They are often compared to other hard rock bands from that time that were similarly labeled as "alternative", such as Nirvana, Soundgarden, or Bush, but are distinguished by their meticulous attention to textural sonic detail, inventive use of guitar effects and signal processing, and the overall expansive sound design of their later albums. Although mainstream success narrowly eluded them, they still have many dedicated fans, many of whom are fellow musicians and peers within the music industry.

Failure was formed around 1990 consisting of band members Ken Andrews (vocals/guitars) and Greg Edwards (bass/guitar), with contributions by drummers Robert Gauss, John Dargahi, Kellii Scott and touring guitarist Troy Van Leeuwen. After poor success with their first album, Comfort, Ken Andrews decided to produce their next album, Magnified, himself. Their third album Fantastic Planet was widely considered their best but even though their single, Stuck On You, had some success, the band eventually split over creative differences and a growing drug problem within the band. In studio, most of the work was done by Ken Andrews (who would record vocals, guitar, and some bass) and Greg Edwards (who would record bass, some guitar, and drums). Ken Andrews went on to do some side projects (On and Year of the Rabbit and a solo career) but he is now primarily a music producer and is widely accepted as one of the best in the business. Greg Edwards formed noise-pop band Autolux with bassist Eugene Goreshter and minimalist drummer Carla Azar which has had limited success as well, and Troy Van Leeuwen joined A Perfect Circle for their first album Mer de Noms and is now in Queens of the Stone Age. Kellii Scott has gone on to drum for bands like Veruca Salt, Enemy (with Troy Van Leeuwen), Blinker the Star and Campfire Girls, among others.

(2) Failure is a DIY New Jersey hardcore band with four kids looking to add their style of fast hardcore into the East Coast.

(3) Failure is a dutch punk band. Founded in 2006, and split up in March 2007. The members were Anouk (on vocals), Loes (Luas-R on drums), Willem (on guitar), Rob (on guitar) and Elske (on bass guitar). Their last performance was at an Emergenza semi-final at 013 Tilburg.

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