Face To Face Tabs


Guitar Fret Noise, Fingered Bass, Contrabass, Jazz Electric Gtr, Percussion, Distortion Guitar

Everything's Your Fault

Guitar, Bass, Drums

I Won't Lie Down

Choir Aahs, Oboe, Fingered Bass, Distortion Guitar, Percussion


Distortion Guitar, Choir Aahs, Percussion, Slap Bass 2, Oboe

Paint It Black

Distortion Guitar, Slow Strings, Percussion, Fingered Bass

Popeye the Sailor

Slap Bass 1, Distortion Guitar, Percussion, Jazz Electric Gtr, Syn Square Wave

Take It Back

Picked Bass, Choir Aahs, Distortion Guitar, Percussion, Oboe

The New Way

Choir Aahs, Percussion, Distortion Guitar, Oboe, Picked Bass