Echo And The Bunnymen Tabs

All That Jazz

Distortion Guitar, Melodic Tom, Picked Bass, Percussion


Clean Guitar, Percussion, Syn Saw Wave, Distortion Guitar, Picked Bass

Do It Clean

Percussion, Clean Guitar, Fingered Bass, Hammond Organ

Going Up

Picked Bass, Clean Guitar, Percussion

Happy Death Men

Distortion Guitar, Bright Piano, Overdrive Guitar, Fingered Bass, Syn Saw Wave, Percussion

King Of Kings

Steel String Guitar, Overdrive Guitar, Percussion, Bassoon, Synth Strings 1, Polysynth, Atmosphere, Fretless Bass


Picked Bass, Syn Square Wave, Percussion, Distortion Guitar, Clean Guitar

Pictures On My Wall

Tremolo Strings, Picked Bass, Fantasia, Percussion, Steel String Guitar, Syn Saw Wave


Distortion Guitar, Syn Saw Wave, Muted Guitar, Percussion, Electric Grand, Clean Guitar, Picked Bass

Read It In Books

Syn Saw Wave, Percussion, Clean Guitar, Picked Bass

Stars Are Stars

Steel String Guitar, Percussion, Distortion Guitar, Clean Guitar, Picked Bass

Supermellow Man

Polysynth, Atmosphere, Percussion, Steel String Guitar, Fantasia, Overdrive Guitar, Bassoon, Synth Strings 1, Fretless Bass

The Puppet

Syn Saw Wave, Clean Guitar, Picked Bass, Distortion Guitar, Percussion, Echo Drops

Villiers Terrace

Percussion, Clean Guitar, Electric Grand, Guitar Harmonics, Picked Bass, Syn Saw Wave