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Dué le Quartz (デュールクォーツ) was a Japanese visual kei rock band that formed in December 1998 and signed to PS Company, a sub-division of Free-Will. The band opened a fanclub on August 1, 2000 that was called "Baby Merry". After releasing a few albums, several singles and a greatest hits compilation, the group disbanded in 2002. Vocalist Sakito and bassist Kikasa later reunited to form the band 【FIGURe;】 (with drummer KAZUKI occasionally providing session work) and guitarist Miyabi changed his name to "Miyavi" and started a solo career.

In December of 1998, Sakito and Ken formed Dué le quartz and played their first live on February 14, 1999. They recruited bassist Kikasa somewhere in between, officially adding KAZUKI to the mix on March 22 of that year.

Ken left the band in May of 1999 due to musical differences, leaving the guitarist gap to be filled by Miyabi on June 29, 1999 and complete the band's final lineup.

They made it big quickly, landing their first one-man live on August 21, 2000 at Shibuya ON AIR WEST. Their first full one-man tour kicked off on May 16, 2001, and their second began on December 4, 2001.

The band landed the feature spot in indie publication Expect Rush II, released in March 2002.

After a hugely successful run and amassing a large fanbase, Kikasa announced his withdrawl, which led to complete disbandment in 2002. They played their last live on September 22, 2002 at Akasaka BLITZ.

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