Doobie Brors Tabs

Black Water

Steel String Guitar, Honky Tonk Piano, Percussion, Electric Grand, Fiddle, Brass Ensemble, Fingered Bass

China Grove

Alto Sax, Overdrive Guitar, Bright Piano, Fingered Bass, Tenor Sax, Percussion

China Grove (Solo)

Fingered Bass, Distortion Guitar

Listen To The Music

Syn Charang, Steel String Guitar, Fingered Bass, Syn Saw Wave, Syn Brass and Lead, Percussion, Space Vox

Long Train Running

Soprano Sax, Muted Guitar, Accordion, Slap Bass 2, Clean Guitar

Long Train Running (2)

Clean Guitar, Percussion, Picked Bass, Harmonica, Koto

Slat Key Soquel Rag

Nylon String Guitar

South City Midnight Lady

Fingered Bass, Jazz Electric Gtr, Steel String Guitar, Percussion, Ensemble Strings, Halo Pad, Piano

Takin' It To The Streets

Synth Strings 1, Tenor Sax, Percussion, Bright Piano, Hammond Organ, Brass Ensemble, Tuba, Fingered Bass, Syn Charang

What A Fool Believes

Bright Piano, Alto Sax, Synth Strings 1, Percussion, Clarinet, Jazz Electric Gtr, Ensemble Strings, Syn Brass 2, Syn Chiff, Fingered Bass