Daft Punk Tabs


Guitar Harmonics, Overdrive Guitar

Aerodynamic (2)

Steel String Guitar, Jazz Electric Gtr, Overdrive Guitar, Syn Saw Wave, Percussion, Guitar Harmonics, Distortion Guitar, Syn Bass 1

Aerodynamic (3)

Distortion Guitar, Timpani, Overdrive Guitar, Nylon String Guitar, Percussion, Jazz Electric Gtr, Tremolo Strings

Around The World

Fingered Bass

Back To My Old Smoky Mountains

Steel String Guitar

Digital Love

Picked Bass, Percussion, Syn Saw Wave, Overdrive Guitar, Syn Square Wave

Human After All

Distortion Guitar, Percussion, Syn Saw Wave, Syn Charang, Syn Voice

Robot Rock

Percussion, Overdrive Guitar, Syn Square Wave, Distortion Guitar, Syn Voice, Fingered Bass

Something About Us

Muted Guitar, Slap Bass 1, Syn Bass 1, Atmosphere, Electric Piano 1

Television Ruled The Nation

Percussion, Rock Organ, Distortion Guitar, Syn Saw Wave, Overdrive Guitar, Syn Square Wave


Percussion, Slap Bass 2, Atmosphere, Syn Bass 1