Cynic Tabs

Celestial Voyage

Fretless Bass, Clean Guitar, Percussion, Distortion Guitar

Evolutionary Sleeper

Steel String Guitar, Percussion, Fingered Bass

How Could I

Muted Guitar, Distortion Guitar, Fretless Bass, Nylon String Guitar, Percussion, Piano

How Could I (2)

Harpsichord, Distortion Guitar, Percussion, Fretless Bass

Sentiment (2)

Distortion Guitar, Jazz Electric Gtr, Fretless Bass


Fingered Bass, Jazz Electric Gtr, Distortion Guitar

The Eagle Nature

Fretless Bass, Percussion, Distortion Guitar, Sci Fi, Slow Strings

Uroboric Forms

Fretless Bass, Distortion Guitar

Veil Of Maya

Percussion, Jazz Electric Gtr, Distortion Guitar, Fretless Bass, Overdrive Guitar

Veil of Maya (2)

Clean Guitar, Fingered Bass, Overdrive Guitar, Distortion Guitar, Fretless Bass, Percussion

Veil Of Maya (3)

Jazz Electric Gtr, Choir Aahs, Distortion Guitar, Fretless Bass