Cure Tabs

10:15 Saturday Night

Overdrive Guitar, Fingered Bass, Clean Guitar, Percussion

10:15 Saturday Night (2)

Percussion, Clean Guitar, Picked Bass

A Chain Of Flowers

Ensemble Strings, Clean Guitar, Nylon String Guitar, Percussion, Slap Bass 1, Distortion Guitar, Electric Grand

A Foolish Arrangement

Synth Strings 1, Clean Guitar, Picked Bass, Percussion, Overdrive Guitar

A Forest

Picked Bass, Flute, Tremolo Strings, Percussion, Clean Guitar, Muted Guitar

A Forest (2)

Clean Guitar, Muted Guitar, Picked Bass, Synth Strings 1, Syn Choir, Percussion

A Letter To Elise

Clarinet, Steel String Guitar, Percussion, Vibraphone, Synth Strings 1, Clean Guitar, Fingered Bass

A Strange Day

Picked Bass, Overdrive Guitar, Percussion, Rock Organ

A Thousand Hours

Percussion, Ensemble Strings, Acoustic Bass, Atmosphere, Bright Piano, Fantasia

A Thousand Hours (2)

Flute, Ensemble Strings, Acoustic Bass, Steel String Guitar, Percussion, Nylon String Guitar, Warm Pad, Electric Grand

All Cats Are Grey

Perc Organ, Warm Pad, Percussion, Ocarina, Picked Bass, Piano


Sci Fi, Nylon String Guitar, Cello, Choir Aahs, Slap Bass 2, Steel String Guitar, Vibraphone, Percussion, Warm Pad, Bassoon

Boys Don't Cry

Steel String Guitar, Distortion Guitar, Percussion, Syn Charang, Fingered Bass

Boys Don't Cry (2)

Steel String Guitar, Percussion, Clean Guitar, Voice Oohs

Boys Don't Cry (3)

Steel String Guitar, Nylon String Guitar, Fingered Bass, Percussion