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There are multiple musical projects with the name Coma:

1) Polish alternative rock band from Łódź. It was formed in 1998 by Dominik Witczak (guitar) and Tomasz Stasiak (drums).
The first album "Pierwsze Wyjście z Mroku" Polish Coma released in 2004. After winning Rock Festival in Węgorzewo the band became very popular in Poland. The second album is called "Zaprzepaszczone Siły Wielkiej Armii Świętych Znaków" and was released in May 2006. The official website:

2) A heavy load crustcore band from Sweden, with former members of Born Dead Icons, Autoritar and Mass Genocide Process.

3)A late 1970s Danish prog-rock band with obvious Zappa-esque style jazzy influences, who released two records,
Financial Tycoon (1977) and Amoc (1980).

4)Psuedonym for Jerusalem-based Shai Yehezkelli. He has released 3 LP's through the years 1999-2002, under the moniker Coma, on the Israeli indie label Fact: Poem for the Lowest Common Denominator (1999), Coma (2001), and Asuuann (2002).

5)An 1980s Japanese post-punk band that took heavy influences from Killing Joke.

6)A now-defunct Swedish sludge metal band that was greatly inspired by Neurosis, Isis & Alice In Chains. RIP.

7)The acoustic project of Spencer Mertel based in Seattle, Washington. Coma's MySpace.

8)The name of a Finish progressive/indie-rockband (

9) An alternate ego of Simon Rees who released an Ambient-IDM album called "Chronoglide" under the moniker Astral Engineering on Worm Interface Recordings in the mid 90s. The drum and bass side-project Coma turns up via a few remixes and also on the first "Alt.Frequencies" compilation on Worm Interface with the track "Zero".

10) A solo orchestral-ambience project from Adelaide, Australia. MySpace Page

11) COMA is a romanian nu-metal band formed around 1999, and so far they have released two albums “Somn” (2001) and “Nerostitele” (2006). Marching from the very beginning on the idea of DIY the band never expected any help from “outside”. They were the first band in the Romanian rock landscape which alternated heavy riffs, profound lyrics and screamed and warm vocals. COMA's website.

12) COMA (or C.O.M.A., as is spelled on their album) was a former Slovak rock quaternion consisting of Miroslav Feher (guitar), Jozef Tomašovič (drums and vocal), František Vizváry (bass guitar) and Peter Tomašovič (vocal). Their only one album was issued in 1992 under label Musica called Tak sa mám. Samples from this record as well as scanned album covers can be found in the shop where album is still selling.

13) A Cologne-based techno-/electro duo - Georg Conrad and Marius Bubat. After a couple of ambient-like tracks they turned more into the electronical style of music. In early 2008 they got signed by Firm Records/Kompakt and released a 12" played on heavy rotation by famous Techno DJs like Superpitcher, Tobias Thomas and Sascha Funke. (MySpace)


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