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Bloodshot is a brutal hardcore/metalcore/deathcore band from Brussels, founded in 2000. Their sound is a brutal mix of Hatebreed, Obituary, Six Feet Under and many more. They released 2 cd's and are currently (fall 2006) working on a new one.

Bloodshot played hundreds of shows in Belgium, Germany, Portugal,..., toured Europe in the fall of 2006 with NYHC's Agents of Man and shared stage with legendary bands such as 100 Demons, Sworn Enemy, 25 Ta Life, Six Ft Ditch, Six Feet Under, Born From Pain, Irate, Arkangel, Heaven Shall Burn,...

Third album will be called MURDER THE WORLD, 9 brand new songs will be recorded november 2007 and released september 2008!!! stay tuned!!

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