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Synth Strings 1, Bright Piano, Fingered Bass, Oboe, Percussion, Steel String Guitar

Just the way you are

Nylon String Guitar

Just the Way You Are (2)

Nylon String Guitar

Matter Of Trust

Alto Sax, Steel String Guitar, Fingered Bass, Bright Piano, Percussion, Clean Guitar

Piano Man

Steel String Guitar

Piano Man (2)

Harmonica, Piano, Fingered Bass, Steel String Guitar


Picked Bass, Oboe, Piano, Percussion, Muted Guitar, Syn Charang

She's Always A Woman

Nylon String Guitar, Percussion, Acoustic Bass

We Didn't Start The Fire

Polysynth, Distortion Guitar, Percussion, Syn Choir, Fingered Bass, Syn Charang, Muted Guitar, Tenor Sax