Bartolome Calatayud

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Bartolomé Calatayud was born in 1882 on the island of Mallorcа., received in 1899 the Diploma of Honor 1st Class granted by the Workers Instructive Center Palma for his "superior musical knowledge in guitar playing." Contemporary and friend of Miguel Llobet and Andrés Segovia, his first teacher was Pedro Antonio Alemany Palmer (Palma 1862-1952), guitarist and composer and then with Antonio Gomez Melters (Barcelona, 1839 - is Capdellá, 20.5.1908). He studied harmony and composition with the great Majorcan musicologist and composer D. Antonio Noguera. Bartolome was taught by Francisco Tárrega in Valencia.

He gave concerts in Spain, France, Switzerland, Portugal and Algiers and toured South America with Spanish Chorus and Dance groups. In Majorca he composed many works for the classical guitar and taught the instrument. Many of his guitar works are based on popular Catalan/Majorcan folk music.

Although less famous in the classical guitar world, Bartolomé Calatayud has left much enjoyable and exciting music written for classical guitarists of all abilities. He taught many pupils in Majorca during his final years. He died in 1973 at the age of 91.

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