After Forever Tabs

Between Love And Fire

Fingered Bass, Celesta, Choir Aahs, Distortion Guitar, Church Organ, Syn Voice, Ensemble Strings, Percussion, Clean Guitar

Beyond Me

Fingered Bass, Percussion, Ensemble Strings, Distortion Guitar, Nylon String Guitar, Choir Aahs

Boundaries Are Open

Distortion Guitar, Syn Square Wave, Choir Aahs, Fingered Bass, Slow Strings, Percussion, Reverse Cymbal


Tremolo Strings, Overdrive Guitar, Choir Aahs, Brass Ensemble, Percussion, Steel String Guitar, Ensemble Strings, Distortion Guitar, Syn Saw Wave, Fingered Bass

Estranged A Timeless Spell

Choir Aahs, Distortion Guitar, Percussion, Violin, Overdrive Guitar, Syn Voice, Ensemble Strings, Picked Bass

Follow In The Cry

Tremolo Strings, Overdrive Guitar, Percussion, Choir Aahs, English Horn

Forlorn Hope

Steel String Guitar, Ensemble Strings, Percussion, Alto Sax, Distortion Guitar, Picked Bass, Viola, Overdrive Guitar, Piano

Forlorn Hope (2)

Syn Saw Wave, Bright Piano, Percussion, Ensemble Strings, Distortion Guitar, Choir Aahs, Picked Bass, Overdrive Guitar

Inimical Chimera

Percussion, Picked Bass, Choir Aahs, Overdrive Guitar, Ensemble Strings, Alto Sax, Cello


Steel String Guitar, Distortion Guitar, Choir Aahs, Clarinet, Percussion, Synth Strings 2, Ensemble Strings, Piano

Intrinsic (2)

Percussion, Nylon String Guitar, Ensemble Strings, Overdrive Guitar, Fingered Bass, Oboe

Leaden Legacy

Slow Strings, Distortion Guitar, Choir Aahs, Harpsichord, Percussion, Ensemble Strings

Monolith of Doubt

Distortion Guitar, Choir Aahs, Violin, Overdrive Guitar, Percussion, Piano, Ensemble Strings

Monolith Of Doubt (2)

Ensemble Strings, Voice Oohs, Overdrive Guitar, Violin, Percussion, Fingered Bass, Piano, Distortion Guitar

My Pledge Of Allegiance

Percussion, Distortion Guitar, Fingered Bass, Violin