Ace Of Base Tabs

All That She Wants

Syn Bass 2, Syn Saw Wave, Baritone Sax, Syn Calliope, Percussion

Beautiful Life

Syn Saw Wave, Syn Charang, Percussion, Electric Grand, Halo Pad, Reverse Cymbal, Synth Strings 1, Fantasia, Syn Bass 1

Happy Nation

Percussion, Hammond Organ, Synth Strings 1, Space Vox, Gunshot, Syn Bass 2, Choir Aahs, Slow Strings, Ocarina, Woodblock, Warm Pad, Syn Saw Wave, Bird

Lucky Love

Syn Bass 2, Synth Strings 1, Syn Calliope, Pan Flute, Electric Piano 1, Muted Guitar, Reverse Cymbal, Piano, Percussion, Hammond Organ, Voice Oohs

Never gonna say I'm sorry

Bright Piano, Synth Strings 1, Percussion, Brightness, Whistle, Syn Bass 2, Warm Pad

The Sign

Percussion, Choir Aahs, Clavinet, Bright Piano, Reverse Cymbal, Voice Oohs, Whistle, Piano, Atmosphere, Fretless Bass, Ensemble Strings

Wheel of Fortune

Piano, Fretless Bass, Percussion