Violent Delight

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Violent Delight are a pop/punk/metal band from St Albans, Hertfordshire, England, consising of Rodney Henderson (Vocals), Tom Steenvoorden (Guitar), Ben Macrow (Bass) and Ken Hayakawa (Drums). Despite their youth (Rodney and Tom were both 16 at the time) they were signed to Warner Brothers in 2002.

Their first single 'Secret Smile' was produced by Sex Pistols guitarist Steve Jones and gained rotation on Kerrang! television and P-Rock but only achieved a number 93 status in the charts. Their next video received better financial backing and was shot in New York, in Coney Island. This single 'I wish I was a girl', reached #25 in the UK singles charts and again gained rotation on alternative music satellite channels after selling 18 thousand copies. Their third single 'All You Ever Do' also entered the UK singles charts at number 38. Transmission was a fourth and final single release from the band.

Their first album 'Transmission' was finally released in September 2003 to mostly unfavourable reviews. This was especially apparent in Kerrang! magazine who had initially supported the young band and included them on some of their compilation albums, when they began something of a small scale crusade against the band.

In November 2003, guitarist Steenvoorden left the band citing creative differences and despite vowing to continue, the band has since disappeared into obscurity with their once active site forum closing down.

In mid-2005, SuzyHope was created with Rodney Henderson and Ken Hayakawa. Ken has since left Suzy Hope. Ben Macrow and Vex Red guitarist Nick Goulding created their new band, Selladore, during the summer of 2004. Tom is currently studying for his Law degree.

Violent Delight performed one last Farewell gig on the 10th November to a sell out crowd at the Camden Barfly, London. Though officially split up, the band are considering the possibility of another few shows across the country over summer 2007, and if not over this time period there might be more in later 2007 or indeed some next year.

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