Saber Tiger

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There were two heavy metal bands in Japan that went by the name Saber Tiger.

1) Saber Tiger (from Osaka) started in 1981 and is famous not only because their classic albums but TONS of line-up changes. They released demos and eps through the 80s but the first full-lenght album was released in '91.

2) The other Saber Tiger (from Yokosuka) recorded only one 8" EP, some demo tapes and appeared on a couple omnibus albums back in 80s. In 1986 they changed their name into Saver Tiger and added "Yokosuka" to avoid confusion with the Saber Tiger from Osaka. Saver Tiger is still active and they released two live albums in 2001 and a video casette in 2002. The group has become famous as the early band of HIDE, guitarist of X Japan.

Saber Tiger had several other members that became some what famous of their later projects including:

ROLLY, singer. Rolly was also the vocalist of a famous rock band Scanch and have a successful solo career.

KYO, singer. Kyo is maybe more recognized as a vocalist from his later bands like D'erlanger, Die In Cries and Bug.

TETSU, drummer. Tetsu played also in D'erlanger, Mephistopheles, Zi:Kill and Craze for example.

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