Foo Fighters Tabs

Everlong (3)

Picked Bass, Steel String Guitar, Percussion, Overdrive Guitar


Distortion Guitar, Overdrive Guitar

Exhausted (2)

Overdrive Guitar, Distortion Guitar, Pan Flute, Picked Bass, Percussion

February Stars

Distortion Guitar, Fingered Bass, Clean Guitar, Syn Square Wave, Percussion


Distortion Guitar, Overdrive Guitar, Steel String Guitar, Picked Bass

For all the cows

Fingered Bass, Jazz Electric Gtr, Overdrive Guitar, Percussion

Free Me

Clean Guitar, Percussion, Fingered Bass, Jazz Electric Gtr, Distortion Guitar

Friend Of A Friend

Flute, Steel String Guitar

Gas Chamber

Overdrive Guitar, Fingered Bass, Distortion Guitar, Percussion


Overdrive Guitar, Picked Bass, Percussion

Good Grief

Distortion Guitar, Percussion, Picked Bass, Overdrive Guitar, Pan Flute

Have It All

Overdrive Guitar, Percussion, Distortion Guitar

Have It All (2)

Percussion, Distortion Guitar, Picked Bass, Clean Guitar, Overdrive Guitar


Fingered Bass, Clean Guitar, Percussion, Overdrive Guitar

Hey Jonny Park

Clean Guitar, Distortion Guitar, Jazz Electric Gtr