Eric Clapton Tabs

After Midnight

Overdrive Guitar, Clean Guitar

Before You Accuse Me

Steel String Guitar, Choir Aahs

Before You Accuse Me (2)

Nylon String Guitar

Before You Accuse Me (Unplugged)

Nylon String Guitar, Steel String Guitar

Born In Time

Choir Aahs, Viola, Percussion, Steel String Guitar, Ensemble Strings, Synth Strings 2, Distortion Guitar, Fingered Bass

Change The World

Picked Bass, Steel String Guitar, Trumpet


Jazz Electric Gtr, Steel String Guitar, Nylon String Guitar

Circus (2)

Nylon String Guitar, Jazz Electric Gtr

Classical Guitar Solo

Nylon String Guitar


Hammond Organ, Overdrive Guitar, Fingered Bass, Percussion

Cocaine (2)

Clean Guitar, Alto Sax, Steel String Guitar, Fingered Bass, Percussion


Percussion, Distortion Guitar, Fingered Bass

Crossroads (2)

Fingered Bass, Church Organ, Clean Guitar

Drifting Blues

Jazz Electric Gtr, Nylon String Guitar

Edge Of Darkness

Percussion, Distortion Guitar, Electric Grand, Fingered Bass, Ensemble Strings