Eels Tabs

Climbing To The Moon

Fingered Bass, Soprano Sax, Steel String Guitar, Choir Aahs, Percussion, Jazz Electric Gtr, Ocarina

Elizabeth On The Bathroom Floor

Muted Guitar


Acoustic Bass, Trumpet, Nylon String Guitar, Percussion, Recorder, Tenor Sax, Choir Aahs

Grace Kelly Blues

Percussion, French Horn, Hammond Organ, Nylon String Guitar, Tuba, Synth Strings 1


Music Box, Acoustic Bass, Tremolo Strings, Jazz Electric Gtr, Hammond Organ


Nylon String Guitar, Acoustic Bass, Distortion Guitar, Percussion

Mr E's Beautiful Blues

Muted Guitar, Music Box, Piano, Fingered Bass, Tenor Sax, Synth Strings 2, Percussion, Viola

My Beloved Monster

Distortion Guitar, Tuba, Banjo, Overdrive Guitar, Violin, Tenor Sax, Fingered Bass, Percussion

Not Ready Yet

Fingered Bass, Jazz Electric Gtr, Percussion, Distortion Guitar

Novocaine For The Soul

Warm Pad, Piano, Glockenspiel, Slow Strings, Percussion, Gunshot, Distortion Guitar

Novocaine For The Soul (2)

Slow Strings, Gunshot, Distortion Guitar, Warm Pad, Fingered Bass, Xylophone, Percussion

Novocaine For The Soul (3)

Picked Bass, Ensemble Strings, Distortion Guitar, Slow Strings, Percussion, Overdrive Guitar, Celesta, Warm Pad, Jazz Electric Gtr

Rags To Rags

Percussion, Overdrive Guitar, Fingered Bass, Clarinet

Railroad Man

Nylon String Guitar

Shine It All On

Muted Guitar, Flute, Violin, Piano, Distortion Guitar, Fingered Bass, Syn Calliope, Percussion