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Deadsy is an American rock band. They are fronted by Elijah Blue Allman aka Phillips Exeter Blue I, son of Cher and Gregg Allman (of The Allman Brothers Band). The other members of Deadsy are Jens Funke (Bass), Dr. Nner (Synths), Alec Püre (Percussion) and Carlton Megalodon (Synth guitar).

Deadsy began in 1995. Elijah recorded several demos (including Dear and a cover of Texas Never Whispers) with Alec Puro (who would later go by the name 'Alec Pure' in the band) in the garage of the band's would-be manager, Josh Richman. Elijah then sent Renn Hawkey a demo tape and a Juno 106 synth and Renn joined (under the stagename of Dr. Nner) shortly after.

In 1997, the band was set to release their debut album Commencement under the Elektra/Sire label. The track listing at the time was quite a bit different than the final release, a whopping five years later. Just as everything seemed in place for the debut, Sire split from Elektra, and the release was shelved (promotional copies are still floating around, but are somewhat rare).

"Basically, we got the record deal when we shouldn't have -- we were all 19," Blue explained. "I got it out of desperation. I got kicked out of the house, and I was like 'Fuck it, I'll go get a record deal.' So it kind of happened out of necessity, in a sense, and a lot of the delays were just because I didn't know how to handle my business that well. Also, Sire was going through some problems in leaving Elektra. Every bad thing that could happen did happen." - P. Exeter Blue

Eventually in 2002 after a series of false starts, Deadsy were signed by Elementree Records (the band KoЯn's label) and allowed to release their debut album. Korn singer Jon Davis had collaborated with the band before, most notably on the song 'Sleepy Hollow' and the new addition to the CD, 'Key to Gramercy Park'.

Elijah describes the band's low and dissonant style as Undercore. Elijah's low baritone singing style, down-tuned guitars, Dr. Nner's synths and Carlton's Z-tar give the music an almost surreal quality. Deadsy's sound is often compared to Gary Numan.

"We wanted to make something that was transcendental, really rule-defying, and very against the grain. And when people listened to it at first, it would just feel very like a sense of foreignness, almost like watching a David Lynch film." - Elijah Blue

The lyrics and imagery of the songs sometimes focus on many subjects in either religious, magical or popular culture contexts. Occasionally one notices obscure references to Secret Societies, The Urantia Book, Star Wars, and the novel Dune, by Frank Herbert. In fact, many of their songs seem very esoteric, given that only a few would understand just what the lyrics are describing or making reference toward.

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