De Adentro

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In this 2009 FROM THE INSIDE begin a new cycle, with more than 9 years of musical career and after several months of being at the top of MTV, received several nominations in the various national and international awards, touring the country with his songs that took first place in the stations and being one of the most important rock bands in Colombia, returning to the music scene and preparing to launch its fourth production being the result of acquiring a musical maturity and a new breath. After the departure of his voice leader, Johann Daccarett (keyboard) and Eliuth Martinez (guitar) realized that his career could not stop, when he was then invited his friend Bryan Visbal exmember of factor X, to be integrated to the band as the new new vocalist which accepted in a minute. Los de Adentro think this new album will conquer their audience with a production that will keep their style but with the input that Bryan Visbal gives and ensure a disc full of feelings.

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