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Aphorism’s Josh Pyle is no stranger to electronic music. Drawn to the darker end of its spectrum in the early 90’s, Josh spent years in the Industrial music scene. Involved in a number of projects, Josh relocated from Texas to Chicago in 2000. With a music background spanning well over 15 years, Josh’s project Aphorism began to take shape in 2005.

Although obsessed with the ability to create physically impossible sounds while driving his equipment to the edge, Josh never lost his love for post punk and Wax-Trax! era electronic dance music. With inspirations ranging from Berlin Electro to Skinny Puppy; from Amon Tobin to Dub, the combination of stylistic influences plus an interest in 60’s and 70’s European soundtracks, all contribute to the Aphorism sound.

Now, Aphorism joins Tympanik Audio for his fantastic and incredibly dynamic debut album release titled ‘Surge’, slated for CD release in the Fall of 2008.

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